Tips On Selling A Home Without A Realtor


Nowadays, most of the homeowners have realized the benefits associated with selling their homes without necessarily involving a realtor. Selling a house without a realtor has numerous benefits as well as disadvantages. The process is much rewarding when correctly as it will save the owner a lot of money. Before an owner lists their homes for sale, it is crucial for them to make informed decisions through first understanding what a realtor does to have a successful home selling.

For instance, the realtor conducts a Comparative Property Analysis in order to list the house at its highest price accurately. After that, a series of advertisements are made both in the MLS websites as well as in the realtor website, and this also accompanies paying of the necessary property marketing costs. In the quest to expose the home to more potential clients, the realtor can choose to advertise the home at other realtor’s websites in their organization. These realtor services at attract a charge of more than 7 percent which is far beyond what an owner would incur if they were to market their home.

For property owners who would wish to sell their property without the realtor, the foremost step is to find an excellent property appraiser.  Property appraiser role is essential in giving the house a value that is based off of comparable sales witnessed in the area over the last one year. This value will be a smart policy for homeowners to use it as the starting sales price. Another critical step is to contract an excellent For Sale By Owner Company (FSBO) who is especially useful providing legal document kits that are necessary when selling the home. The FSBO would as well help the owner in listing the home on MLS, provide tittle services or basically, most are affiliated with title companies that are useful for closing. However contracting an FSBO alone will not help in reaching a broader market and it would be great to seek the mortgage broker services to assist in screening calls for the house. The mortgage broker offers these services free of charge in the hope that they will generate alone from the calls. To know more ideas on how to select the best real estate, visit

It would be more fruitful and aid in reaching a large pool of potential buyers at if the property owners place classified ads in several home magazines as well as in the newspapers, at least once or twice in a month. Ads are especially advantageous as this is the place where the majority of potential new home buyers begin their search. The ads are a bit costly but yet significantly cheap as compared to losing 7% of the sale price to a realtor.


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